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With huge emphasis on security these days and in particular with the introduction of GDPR camera matching and accountability has become paramount for many Direct Mail and Marketing companies. Here at Mailflow Solutions we understand the importance of this and have developed a partnership with another well established mailing equipment supplier to offer the fantastic ‘Mailvision’ camera system that can be fitted to virtually any machine.

This system took years to develop with the Portuguese manufacturer TST and is without doubt one of the best systems on the market today. The system can have an unlimited amount of cameras and offers full track and trace accountability along with remote access and complete job control. Therefore this gives customers the ability to show exactly what items have gone into each envelope and that the envelope has been sealed and mailed correctly.

Some of the MailVision features :

  • Eliminate a significant portion of the labour associated with quality control for complex, high-value applications
  • Inspect each and every document that passes under its reading device
  • In the event of an error, diverts the error pieces or stops production automatically, sounds an alert and displays an error indication on its screen interface
  • Massively increase the integrity of document output, and substantially reduces the cost of achieving this level of integrity
  • Log all activity in detailed, customizable data table architectures for end-to-end validation and document production

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